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Hello i am Sky, in SL from always where i spend too much all of us addicted!

Founded this shop some year ago starting initially as posemaker, then the fashion fever got me and now i can't stop making dresses dresses and dresses. I live mostly in my ivory tower where i work surrounded by mesh item trashed around and the always present Prazillo which tries to keep that platform organized...against me! She will never win this battle!!


Hallos I am prazillo, the only errand girl for ecru couture. I joined ecru last year and working with Sky has been a very exciting journey. I get to wash all the dresses, press / iron, set them nicely for all the customer / clients, clean the home and store and despite all these hard work I get told I am the most luckiest girl in SL, rolls my eyes and shake my head (smh) which I really doubt but anyways I just love doing that. My reward is going to be in Heaven hahaha

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