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newsletter april 2023

event exclusive

Annalisa Ads.png


Inspired to an italian singer dress, Annalisa is perfect if you want go to a disco and make sure everybody looks at you. Available different wearing options...of course we suggest the one without bra! Exclusive at Cosmopolitan until 29th!


Semiramis is a very rich gown thought for We Love Roleplay. And the roleplay is her special place even though she doesn't dislike balls or official events in which may shine as no other. Also, some little sexy feature may give a spicy breathe to the gown. Exclusive at We Love Roleplay until 28th!

Semiramis Ads - No Censor.png
Junta Sylvan Ads.png

Junta Sylvan 

OMG we did it!....this year we joined the Whore Couture Fair...but...with no compromises on our style, just a looooot more sexy!!!! till 31st

Sylvan Asami

Where we go dance tonight? Everywhere is the right place with Janice...if you want have fun...try also in office!

Sylvan Asami Ads.png
Novalie Ads.png


Sexy and girlie, this is Novalie, which covers the right, and not more...oh, with some of the options, can even not cover much but it's so pretty!!! 

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