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newsletter february 2022

event exclusive

Morticia Ads.jpg


For My Bloody Valentine (The Solstice) Event we picked one of the most iconic character, Morticia, which has been always inspiring with her goth but still elegant touch. 


Gomez has a 1920 elegance with the formal striped dress. Our cut is a bit renewed in style so the jacket is shorter but we kept the old fashion. Perfect partner of Morticia.

Gomez Ads.jpg
Claire Ads.jpg


Elegance is in our blood and in our bones, and Claire speaks of us, of our fashion, our class, our being unique. Exclusive by Cosmopolitan.


Hellen has the flavor of the ancient Greek. The golds, the drapes and even the shoulder design are inspired to those mythical age. Exclusive @ Enchantment.

Hellen Ads.jpg
Alexa Ads.jpg


It's disco night and Alexa is perfect for dance, wiggle, show off our beautiful dancing legs. Caution: dress is ultra short, not to be used in presence of kids!


It's still winter, and a soft wool dress can still warm us up. Try the incredible soft touch of Dana, in exclusive by Shiny Shabby.

Dana Ads.jpg
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