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newsletter January 2022

event exclusive

Morticia Ads.jpg


For My Bloody Valentine (The Solstice) Event we picked one of the most iconic character, Morticia, which has been always inspiring with her goth but still elegant touch. 

Available at Solstice from the 27th


Gomez has a 1920 elegance with the formal striped dress. Our cut is a bit renewed in style so the jacket is shorter but we kept the old fashion. Perfect partner of Morticia.

Available at Solstice from the 27th

Gomez Ads.jpg
Olivia Ads.jpg


If you are looking for just a dress to wear....skip this ads...Wearing Olivia means be unique. Classy, baroque but even sensual, Olivia is just perfect for any occasion, you just need to wear it!

Available at Cosmopolitan from the 23rd


Reese is casual chic, even though nothing is "casual" in her, neither the zip slightly open and the sleeve lazily off the shoulder. The asymmetrical design makes the minidress unique. Exclusive by Tres Chic

Reese Ads.jpg
Mavy Ads.jpg


Sensual fantasy is Mavy. And you can play with bra, corset and blouse to create what is in your mind. Exclusive by TLC.


Could we forgot our lovely boys? nooo, Maverik is the male version of Mavy...without the bra of course and with a bit more bigger panties. Exclusive of TLC!

Maverik Ads.jpg
Greta Ads.png


Greta is chic, no need other words to describe her with a demi skirt and that laced top which denotes personality and sensuality. Exclusive by Shiny Shabby

Steffy Fatpack Ads.png


Missing the vintage vibe, Steffy is the perfect number, a lace top, dotted short, and some perfect accessories complete this look. You don't want to miss this. Exclusive by IBTC

Bree Ads.jpg


For the new year we picked a super elegant design, together with our signature laces, Bree has a cut in the gown you will love...

Now available in the main store

Ava Ads.jpg


This is not our typical's a lot more! Trousers (sporting cut) an open shirt (why close it?) and you can even decide to wear (or not!) a bra in "pendant" with the trousers! Where is all this? It's an exclusive by Uber!!

Now in the main store from the 23rd

Avik Ads.jpg


.....aaand, surprise, we got something also for our boys. Avik is the male version of Ava (without bra of course!)..handle with care, girls may faint! Where is it? Also exclusive by Uber!!!

Now in the main store from the 23rd

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