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newsletter march 2023

event exclusive

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Spring is here and it's time to open our coat...and to show off something veeery light we are wearing below! Exclusive by Cosmopolitan till the 1st April


It's been one year we work on Bliss, because we wanted it perfect elf dress (but is actually pretty even without the elf ears!) and there were always something which we wanted to improve. Now we can say we love it so much. A subtle lace texture which shows/doesn't show the body underneath, long elegant skirt, ultra wide neck opening. We also added an option to take off the sleeves...for kinky ideas of course! Exclusive by We Love Roleplay till 31st

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OMG we did it!....this year we joined the Whore Couture Fair...but...with no compromises on our style, just a looooot more sexy!!!! till 31st


Where we go dance tonight? Everywhere is the right place with Janice...if you want have fun...try also in office!

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Spring Festival Sale 2023

It's been one year we moved in this new land so we want share our joy together with all our customers with this Spring Festival! Ecru - Mosquito's Way and the lovely newcomer in the team Sigma all together will offer a week of 50% off on everything (except where specified, you know....the latest releases can't be in sale)...Enjoy and if you meet us, give an hug! 

till 23rd

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