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newsletter october 2022

event exclusive

Hora New Ads.jpg


Hora can choice to be an dreamy girl in an aperitif or an hot woman in an hotel room....either way, nobody can forget her. Exclusive by Cosmopolitan.


Ok this is too much sexy for to wear around...make sure there are only adults around you when you wear Coco! Exclusive by The New Ones

Coco Ads.png
Ecru Couture - Halina Ads.png


Halina breathes an oriental flavor with an ultra wide extra bold V-neck Exclusive by Tres Chic.

Petite Beautifier

...aaaaand for the Petite lovers like me, a little help to make our tiny boobs looking more fresh and less saggy. It's not a mod so is 100% compatible with all clothes designed for Maitreya Petite.

You can find it by The New Ones!

Petite Beautifier Ads.png
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